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Shakpespeare Case

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One of the most famous poets and play writers in the world is William Shakespeare. He was best known for his unique and varied style of writing, and his life story is remarkable as well. He is con-sidered as one of the best dramatics of Queen Elizabethan area, and is frequently spoken about in the same context as Queen Elisabeth. Shakespeare grew up in a wealthy and academic home, and he was therefore predicted to receive an education that was suitable for a boy from the wealthy middle class. As regards Shakespeare's family life he married Anne Hathaway with whom he got 3 chil-dren. She was seven years older than him, and this contrast wasn't a good thing. His life remains as a mystery to us, and there is only few and still discussed parts of his plays that indicates his relation to his wife. Shakespeare managed to write 154 sonnets and 37 plays, which included tragedies, comedies, history plays. There is a question about Shakespeare's authorship. It is the question whether there is someone else that wrote some of his plays due to the speculation about how an or-dinary man, with only local grammar school as an educational background, could write so extraor-dinary and amazing creations. It is also remarkable that there is no documentation that William Shakespeare had access to information as law, foreign languages and other cultural objects. Despite these theories, it is only possibly to conjecture whether the pieces are written by Shakespeare or not - but one thing is sure, and that is that it is great literature. In that way it becomes clear that Shake-speare wrote influential and essential literature that are still relevant for us today. But to understand Shakespeare better, it is crucial to look at the time he was living in, as it influenced/affected his plays.



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