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Shattering Glass

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Essay Preview: Shattering Glass

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Haley Harper

Summer Assignment

English 11


I thought the book was excellent. I thought Giles wrote this book very well. It felt as if you where actually there and knew how the characters where feeling. I would probably tell more about what happened to them and maybe what happened in trail and how they're dealing with it. The book made me think twice about how we stereotype people get into these crazy clich├ęs, and how we dress seems like what we are to others. Rob has an idea to turn fat, un-cool Simon Glass into prom king material. The book gets you hooked and you can't put it down. With the help of rich, intelligent Young (who narrates the story), the girl-attracting Bobster, and sweet athletic Coop, Simon gets a feel for new things that he really enjoys, until Simon uncovers a very dangerous secret about Rob. Throughout the book Simon Glass begins to like his new profound popularity and starts to be less timid and a lot more outgoing, more than Rob could take. Then Simon takes over Robs control of votes for class favorite and confronts the group of Robs little secret, and it results in a devastating end. I felt Gail Giles wrote an accurate picture of high school life and its everyday life style.

Giles made the book very interesting and included everyday problems. In the book, she describes how Alice, the girl who thinks that Lance has a thing for her, gets humiliated when she brings a cake to him in the cafeteria and he refuses. That particular act of embarrassment is shown every day in real life by humans around the globe. The tension Giles creates when Simon finds out Robs secret is some-what intense. He feels like he should protect him because he finds that Rob could be hurting that his father's in jail, but just hiding it from the outside world. In the book, Rob ends up killing Simon at prom because he calls him a "Fag" and everyone starts to believe he was gay. "Shattering Glass" is a great book that shows a lot of natural motif. The motif in the book would be Rob. He's very deceiving with his life, & makes everything more intense. He pushes everyone to think Simon is the new "cool", just so everyone will keep eyes off him and his secret.



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