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World in Six Glasses

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Beer in Mesopotamia and Egypt

1 A Stone-Age Brew

(A Pint of Prehistory)

around 50,000 years ago humans migrated out of Africa (around 30 & lived in caves, huts, skin tents. pg.9

around 12,000 years ago humans i the near east abandoned the old hunter/gatherer lifestyle of the paleolithic period (old stone age) and started to farm instead. settled in villages and became world's 1st city. invented new modern stuff pg.9

water use to be the most important drink till beer came along.

it was the drink that first helped humanity along the path to the modern world; BEER pg.10

NO BEER BEFORE 10,000 BCE; WIDESPREAD IN THE NEAR EAST BY 4000 when appeared in a pictogram from mesopotamia pg.10

rise of beer was closely related to the rise of cereal grains, from farming pg. 10

came into existence between the uprising from a nomadic lifestyle, emerging into cities pg.10

beer's origins are closely intertwined with the origins of civilization itself pg.11

(The Discovery of Beer)

beer was invented not discovered pg.11

beer's discovery was certain to happen once the gathering of wild grains became widespread after the end of the last age, around 10,000 BCE, in a region called the Fertile Crescent. pg.11

(Under the Influence of Beer)

writing and not invented yet

new stone age or neolithic period, between 9000 BCE & 4000 BCE pg.17

1st literate civilizations the Sumerians of Mesopotamia & the ancient Egyptians

summary; this just talks about how beer was used in many religious ways and how it became so widley spread. manye believed that is was an offering from god, and other beliefs..... many call it different

(Beer and Farming, the Seeds of Modernity)

hunting and gathering was decreasing, and farming was increasing, since it was easier to cultivate wheat and barley, then gather wild grains for consumption and storage

farming spread throughout the Fertile Crescent 7000 BCE and 5000 BCE, and animals such as, sheep and goats, were domesticating pg.22



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