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Silent Screams - a Protest Against Depression

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Essay Preview: Silent Screams - a Protest Against Depression

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Term 1

Assessment task 1

500 words reflection Statement on poem

: The Issue being protested

My Poem is called Silent Screams a protest against depression.

In my poem I have tried to create as many sad and or depressed feeling as possible. It was hard to write about depression because it was very hard to imagine feelings that I have never experienced. I tried to fine certain poem get an idea from but was amazing what I found.

I chose to write about depression because it is a world problem there are billions of people suffering it but there is no cure for them. And these are the reasons I have chosen to write about depression.

: Choice and development of imagery

I think the most depressing part was when I was saying

" There are millions of people

In the world

Yet I feel as if

I'm all alone"

When I said this I tried to portray the idea of being in a group of people alone and I think these words did the task perfectly showing exactly what I wanted.

I think the phrase "all I want is a friend" is quite powerful because it paints a mental image of a boy sitting there with no friends and longing for one it also shows us that he is been treated as the ugly duckling.

I also thing the phrase "All I want is Love Love Love" is very strong because it portrays a boy or girl who has not been loved by any on and is just looking for someone to love and cherish back and this I think is a very moving and sad and or depressing thing to say because it makes you think of a time you have been lonely an take you back to it and bring those emotions up again.

And when I said " All I try to do is right but every one seems to treat me wrong". I portraying that he has tried to do everything in his power to try and make friends but no matter how much he is like them they are always still mean to him.

: Consideration for choice of performance and delivery

The audience that I have been targeting with this poem are my classmates, my teacher, my friends, my family, and the whole of the Australian community. The way I chose to perform this poem was in the way it was written in a sad and depressed mood with lots of dark feelings and emotions and also in a way to bring back emotions in people that had experienced this. And give emotions to the people that hadn't experienced this so far in their life. This was Important



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