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The Protest of Gay Marriage

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Essay Preview: The Protest of Gay Marriage

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Protests of Gay Marriage

The article "For Gay Marriage" by Andrew Sullivan is based on the controversial debate of gay marriage. Andrew Sullivan has released a book Virtually Normal: An Argument about Homosexuality (1995). Sullivan feels marriage should be honored to any two citizens.

Marriage is more than a contract; it also symbolizes public and social recognition of a commitment. It shows the highest public recognition of peoples personal lives. Denial of marriage to homosexuals is possibly the cruelest thing to their public equality. It's as if they have no voice in whom they can marry.

Religion is a big factor in the opposition of gay marriage. People argue that marriage is traditionally between a man and woman, by definition that is true. The 'contract' is an emotional, financial, and psychological bond between two people; in which sexual orientation shouldn't be a factor. In the West, marriage is defined by the state of recognizing an emotional commitment by two people to each other for life. Therefore, there isn't a public way of one's belief in equal rights under law, in which it should legally be denied to the homosexual community.

The state has rights to fulfill and standards to meet, such as not allowing minors to marry, or from one adult and a minor, since at least one of the party is unable to live up to the contract. The state also has rights that doesn't allow for close family members to marry because of a familial emotion ties are strong and powerful to enable a marriage contract to be entered by two relatives, also known as incest which is a threat to the trust and responsibility to the families need to survive. Do homosexuals fall into the same category? Clearly, History and experience prove else wise and suggest they don't. Marriage is characterized by a commitment that's rare and declining even by heterosexuals. It isn't necessary to prove that same sex relationships last longer than heterosexual relationships.

Overall, the number of those who are homosexual and want to get married are high. It's unfortunate and unfair that those who are homosexual and live in the state of California must travel in order to get married to their significant other. Although, homosexuals qualify for domestic partnership it's not enough and doesn't give them the benefits such as health insurance from their significant others.



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