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Sinner's in the Hands of an Angry God Summary

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Essay Preview: Sinner's in the Hands of an Angry God Summary

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God is the one who protects you from the flames of hell, and can even drop you in the flames of hell. His will is the only thing that is keeping you from dying. Wickedness can pull you down even if you are very careful, nothing can help you from falling into the flames of hell except God's powers. The anger of God is like a bow and arrow and a flood. It is God's decision to shoot the arrow or open the dam. It is also his decision whether you live or die.

Those who depended on peace and safety were nothing but thin air and empty shadows. God is the protector and he can drop you into the flames of hell, if he wills. God's wrath can put you in the bottomless pits of hell, and if you go against him, he will not spare you. God is furious that he will punish you and that there shall be no mercy, unless no suffer is beyond what justice requires. God is ready to pity you, and no other use to put you to, except misery, and you will be filled with wrath.

God will punish you in front of everything and everyone until you bow down and realize who your majesty is. You must suffer for all of eternity. Some of those are already in danger of the great wrath, those who continue is natural condition shall be kept out of hell for the longest time, but really you can also get into hell in the slightest way. Christ screams out to the sinners to join him in the kingdom of God, and live a happy life with wonderful things, and by rejoicing and singing for joy. Christ is telling everyone to flee from their sins and to join Almighty God.



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