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Situation Case Study

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Case Study.

1) What is the problem at WCBA?

2) Using SLII as a basis, what would you advise Ann to do differently at the station?

3) Based on situation leadership, what creative schemes could Ann use to reduce FCC infractions at WCBA?

1) What is the problem at WCBA?

WCBA is the college radio station. Ann Caldera is the program director of the WCBA. Few students get an internship or work program which allows them to work at WCBA. The main problem is student's lack full understanding of the legal responsibilities of being on the air. The problem is that students continue to violate FCC rules and regulations which is illegal. The other main problem is how to train the new students to follow the rules and procedures of WCBA when they are doing on-air announcing for news, sports, music, and other radio programs. For example, rumor has it that one year a first-year student disc jockey on the evening shift announced that a new band was playing in town, the cover was $5, and that everyone should go to hear the group. Making an announcement such as this is a clear violation of FCC rules: It is illegal. Ann recognizes the quality of her students, and mostly lets them do what they want at the station. These are the main problems at WCBA.

2) Using SLII as a basis, what would you advise Ann to do differently at the station?

Situation Leadership II model is developed by Blanchard. Situation Leadership has two parts: leadership style and development level of subordinates. Leadership style consists of the behavior pattern of a person who attempts to influence others. It includes both directive behavior and supportive behaviors. Directive behaviors help group members accomplish goals by giving directions, establishing goals and methods of evaluation, and showing how the goals are to be achieved. Supportive behavior helps group members feel comfortable about themselves, their co-workers, and the situation. Leadership styles can be classified further into four distinct categories of directive and supportive behavior. The first style S1 is a high directive and low supportive style, which is also called as directing style. In this approach, Leader will be giving direction and closely monitoring or supervises them carefully. The second style is called a Coaching style and is a high directive - high supportive style. This style is an extension of S1 where leader decides and sets goal.

Style 3 (S3) is a supporting approach that requires leader take high supportive and low directive style. A leader using



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