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Slow Food Movement

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Slow Food Movement

We live in a fast food culture, where it's easier to drive to McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's and order a burger, French fries, and a soda then to cook a meal at home. We are so busy all day that we don't even sit down and think of what we are really eating when we order from a fast food place. You are simply getting a cup of ice, water and empty calories, with frozen French fries reheated in oil. Kummer explains that a thin, frozen hamburger patty, could contain meats from hundreds of different cattle that could be raised in different countries ,ground together at a distance processing plant, then its reheated on a grill"(Kummer, 2002). When you really think about what you're eating it's scary. Everyday people are putting this into their bodies. The slow food movement is growing because of its starting history, the philosophy behind it, their international events such as Algusto, Saber y Sabor and the stories in their Almanac.

To begin with, the Slow Food movement started in 1986 by an Italian food and wine journalist called Carlo Petrini. Petrini was haunted by the fast food companies eroding Italy's ancient culinary culture. When a McDonalds was built on the Spanish Steps in Rome, it crossed a line with Petrini. A fast food restaurant opening in the heart of Rome's historic center was not something to be taken lightly. Rather than protest, Carlo Petrini chose to show that there is a better way - he started the slow food movement. Mr. Petrini's goal is to demonstrate that we have a choice when it comes to food and wine. We do not have to settle for the bland, salty and generally unhealthy fare of fast food restaurants. Since 1993, Slow Food has worked with teachers in schools to educate children on the importance of food products as a part and parcel of a society's culture.

Secondly, The Slow food movement (SF) is based upon their philosophy. They believe that people should become aware of how food is grown and manufactured. SF believes people should support companies that honor natural resources. People should appropriately compensate food producers. Also people should seek foods that both taste good and are nutritionally whole. The Philosophy of the SF is based upon good, clean, fair food. The movement aims to save traditional foods that are becoming extinct, because of the increase in convenience food manufacturing and the industrialization of food production. Slow Food Movement members state that "We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to the pleasure of good food and consequently the responsibility to protect the heritage of food, tradition and culture that make this pleasure possible"(

Thirdly, Algusto, Saber y Sabor, Knowledge and Flavor, was born



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