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Slowing the Biological Clock

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Essay Preview: Slowing the Biological Clock

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Most individuals would view paradise as a beautiful, peaceful, restful and fulfilling island. Paradise to most people would be a place where they would choose to go and take a pleasant vacation. A great imagery of paradise would be land that is surrounded by sky blue waters, tropical fish and palm trees.

Two weeks after receiving my degree I was offered a job as assistant to the senior director of strategy development. One of the perks for me was that the job requires me to do some travelling in remote and abstract locations. The first location that I must travel to is the island of Kava. Kava is located in the South Pacific.

I am eager to go to work on the beautiful island of Kava. I imagine that I would be working while vacationing on this remote location all at the same time. Once I arrived on the island my image of what I thought would be paradise was turned into a natural disaster. The island was distorted and indeed a natural disaster. I was not aware that the island of Kava is located in the pathway of many natural disasters.

After being briefed by my colleague I must now begin to define what the issues are. I must apply critical thinking skills in order to carefully analyze and depict these issues accurately and carefully. I work for Macy's department store. Macy's has become interested in building a store on the island of Kava. Macy's would like for this move to be beneficial to the organization along with the stakeholders that are invested in the company.

The present issues will need to be addressed because this is going to be detrimental in the decision of branching out on the island. The present issues are as follows: natural disasters, a visible concern of health risks, infrastructures, petroleum spills, the risks of Hiv/Aids being spread, the chances of catching the Avian-flu, and the constant acts of terrorism that goes on within Kava. Fifty percent of the population is under the age of fifteen. There are also some language barriers within the island.

Many internal and external forces are involved in the decision to establish a manufacturing plant on the island of Kava. Some of these internal forces include organizational process, ethical issues along with human resource issues. It is important to establish these issues. When dealing with a global organization ethical conflicts can cause a downfall among stakeholders. Ethical issues can be caused because of the diversified nature of huge companies along with outsourcing. Ethical issues not only affect stakeholders but they affect, customers, the community and employees as well.

Mangers must be able to think of strategic strategies that are going to result in the company profiting within the organization. Managers must be able to maintain honest and accurate business practices. Multifaceted regulations characterize the limits of ethical and criminal behavior in global organizations.

External forces are the natural



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