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Biological Applications

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Biological applications are being used in the study of mental process and behavior in term of mechanisms of body that is the study of psychology. The thinking that psychological processes are biologically related to each other is the base of relationship of psychology biology. Through different research on the study of mental processes now scientists are able to better treat any disease both physically and mentally.


Study of relationship of biology and psychology take us back to the time of Aristotle who told that mind and body are correlated to each other and mind is being merely one of the body's function. French philosopher Rene Descartes present a theory of dualism according to which both mind and spirit are two separate entities which are connected to each other through human body. Gottfried Wilhelm present a psychological parallism theory in which he said that body and mind are separates things but their activities are directly parallel to each other. John Watson an American psychologist recently make a study in which he focus on human and animal behavior rather than on mind or soul.


our mind is like a metaphor. it is a link between the psychology and biology. We can call mind a natural masterpiece. Study of boilogicalpsychology becomes a hope for the scientists who want to improve the field of neuroscience, specially people who are suffering from some physical discrepancy.

In the article of Brittany on the introduction of biopsychology writer told that relationship of biology with psychology is divided into different felids and both biology and psychology are helping in dealing with different mind and body problems.

One of the felid in which biopsychology helps is the "psychopharmacology", field of study of effect of drugs have on the brain. Thus in this field biopsychology helps in searching various drugs which would help the human in cure of metal diseases. These diseases of the mind can range from minor depression problem to a high range of diseases like severe cases of schizophrenia. A verity of drugs are studied under this field, the range of drugs vary from club drugs to prescription pills. Many drugs like cannable and opiates are studied for their psychoactive properties.


In order to study the theories of mind one must study the concept of dualism. Dualism is not a way in which all psychological facts can best fit but it is one of most popular theory of mind. Dualism is also oldest and widespread theory also most religious believers and philosophers hold this theory. This view implies that there are two different entities, mind and body. In spiritual terms sometimes mind is referred as soul. Thus this theory supports the thinking that two different entities



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