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Snapple Case

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1.In the period of 1972 to 1993, why do you think that Snapple flourished when so

many small startup premium fruit drinks stayed small or disappeared? Explore each of

the Four Ps.


The Snapple product line is vast and spans many different flavors, many of which were unpopular

o Only a handful of flavors held the product afloat, this in effect was due to the premium pricing of the product

o Product was marketed as "100% Natural"

o Snapple was neither a "lifestyle" brand or a "fashion" brand

o Somewhere in the middle, generally grouped in the "alternative" beverage category

o Snapple was the American drink, independent yet still a brand, just like it's consumers who were individuals but not to separate, not to healthy, not to quirky, just right.


Proximity to New York City proved beneficial in the marketing business aspect.

o Access to an excess of media and celebrity exposure brought national bran recognition

* Marketing channels

o Snapple utilized distribution channels to reach their market. Inpaticular thier use of primarily family owned distributors helped marketing efforts in the so-called "mom ancd pops" shops. This assisted with the strong relationship with their consumers.

o Supermarkets or warm channels accounted for 20% of their sales. The majority of sales were through cold channels, convenience stores, liquor marts, service centers etc.


Had 300 small family owned convenience stores

The promotion of Snapple was "100% Natural and apparently appealed to many New Yorker's and U.S. citizens alike. Their initial ad was flawed and was not easily recognizable to many people: "Schnapple", by Ivan Lendl. When the brand began using Wendy Kaufman, a real person living a real life, as their spokes model the wildfire began nationwide. She made appearances on David Letterman and Oprah, and Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh became avid supporters of the beverage brand.


premium pricing

o allowed the product remain profitable, despite several flailing product flavors

* Promotion:

o The promotion of Snapple was "100% Natural"

o appealed to many New Yorker's



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