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Oliver Twist

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Oliver Twist is a poor orphan who was born in a workhouse and left to the mercy of the parish. And on his ninth birth day he was sent to the main workhouse where he met new orphans. Although Oliver did his best, troubles didn't leave him alone. Then Mr. Bumble sent Oliver to the parish undertaker where the cruel people he met there made escape. His escape led him eventually to creepy gang established by an old man called Fagin, who nestled Oliver and introduced him to their style of life.

After learning what to do Oliver received a mission to accomplish, which brought troubles upon Oliver and the gang because of its failure? Also, after being imprisoned, Oliver was sent to trial where he got fainted. Mr. Brown low compassionated at him and kept taking care of him to recover.

And while Oliver was living in peace, troubles were following Fagin and his gang especially when he noticed the absence of Oliver but when Sikes arrived Nancy was order to bring Oliver back. Finally, Oliver recovered and he wanted to be useful so he offered his services but Mr. Brown low to go to the streets and do what he ordered. And Mr. Brown low was that won't betray him. Unfortunately, Oliver was caught and returned back creepy place where the gang lived.

And as days passed Mr. Brown low was getting suspicious towards Oliver. On the other hand Fagin was preparing for big robbery and he was thinking of Oliver to do the mission. And after planning Oliver was brought to Sikes and he was threatened not to speak a word. Then Bill Sikes prepared himself with two other guys for the robbery. And when they arrived Oliver sneaked into the house, but he was determined to stop the burglary, so he warned the house owners but this led to failure and Oliver was injured. Unfortunately, when Fagin knew that Oliver left wounded some where, he went in to a kind of frenzy and so did Nancy when she knew the same thing. And Monks was shocked and he disavowed the accident and he blamed Fagin for the failure. Fortunately, Oliver managed to get up and find some help but what he didn't was expect was, that he was asking for help from whom he tried to steal. Surprisingly the owners of the house "Rose and her aunt" helped Oliver.

The Dr. who treated Oliver took him to London to visit Mr. Brown low. Unfortunately, Oliver felt that he was a loser because of the unsuccessful visit to London, but nature's beauty made Oliver forget about his nasty life. And when Rose got sick, Oliver went and called Dr. Losberne. And on his way back, he bumped into a strange man who seemed to know Oliver before. Also, when Harry (Rose's cousin) knew that she was sick, he came and visited her and asked her for marriage, but she refused because she thought that she would be a burden to him. Harry was still determined, so he asked Oliver to write him and he agreed. And what really made Oliver happy was the idea of stopping in London for few days on their way to the coast.

After Oliver had bumped into the strange man (Monks) was surprised because he thought that Oliver was dead. Monks went and asked Mr. Bumble who was married by a woman that told Monks some information about Oliver and his mother, in charge of money, but the information didn't satisfy Monks so, he grabbed a bag that contains some accessories from the woman that are related to Oliver's past and threw



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