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Soccer Case

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Soccer is an international sport. It is mostly played around Europe and now it is the most increasing sport in the world. Soccer is a very good activity for kids and adults. It is entertaining and exciting at the same time. It can get a little bit aggressive at times but that is normal for the losing team. That is okay though. Soccer is a sport that has to be played with feet and only the goal keepers can use their hands. If a player uses their hands while the ball is on the field they can commit a hand ball or penalty if it is in the goalie box. The players are allowed to use their hands when it is a throwing meaning when the ball gets out of bounds from the side lines. if it goes out of bounds of the goal lines then it is a goal kick. When a player passes the ball back to the goal keeper, the goal keeper can not pick up the ball with his or her hands. The only time the goal can pick it up is when his or her teammate passes the ball with his head or chest back to the goal keeper. Their are four referees in soccer. first referee is the main referee that runs on the field and makes most of the calls. then other two referees are sideline referees which have a flag and raise the flag up when the ball is out of bounds, an offside or when their is a foul close to the sideline and the main referee cant see. The last referee is by the coach stands in order they get too angry he is there to cool them down and if any of the referees get hurt or tired he is the one to replace them .



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