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Social Benefits of Rugby

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Essay Preview: Social Benefits of Rugby

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Social benefits of rugby

Role model

A skilled rugby player who has achieved great success and is or has been involved in a successful rugby team may be a role model that people look up to for positive reasons. If someone has a role model it can make a difference within themselves.

Improved self esteem

By playing rugby for a team and competing in competitions overtime your self esteem may increase allowing you to become a confident rugby player. With an improved self esteem you can go into situations you are not used to such as speaking in front of a large amount of people about rugby with confidence. You can feel confident when you are on the sports field giving you an advantage.

Recognition for certain countries

When an international rugby team wins the rugby world cup they become known as the world cup holders and may be identified as the best in the world by some people.

This can improve a countries reputation by having a good image. People will also have pride in their country and start to support the team. The team may be used to help people with disabilities.

Having rugby teams within the community

By having rugby teams within the community people are able to learn effective rugby skills and be apart of a team and learn how to work as a team when they are playing rugby. People can make new friends and create good relationships. The community has the opportunity to develop social skills.


National and international rugby events that are held in large stadiums in front of large crowds and are televised provide entertainment for a wide fan base that have a strong interest in rugby. This gives rugby fans value for what they expected.



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