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What Are the Economic and Social Benefits of Your Research? What Is the Local Environmental Impact?

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Essay Preview: What Are the Economic and Social Benefits of Your Research? What Is the Local Environmental Impact?

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        Pamula Pierce

#2  What are the economic and social benefits of your research? What is the local environmental impact?

Economic benefits

Household hazardous waste attracts employment to the people who come around collecting the same after it has been damped. After the collectors are paid, they earn a living and thus are able to cater for the needs of their families.

Due to the hazardous nature of the waste, the government places fines for the careless disposal of the same. In this regard, the government makes an income from the law offenders who dispose the wastes irresponsibly.

In the case of the treatable wastes, the sellers of the treatment materials earn a living after making the sales. As a result, they earn a living and thus promote the growth of the economy.

Social benefits

The government takes this advantage to educate the people on the various forms of hazardous wastes. Thus, the citizens learn on the safest ways of handling the wastes in a better manner.

The community also gets united in ensuring that the environment remains safe by ensuring that all the hazardous wastes are disposed appropriately so as to minimize on the possible cause of harm.

Effect on the local environment

The hazardous wastes have a negative impact on the local environment. First, the hazardous wastes are harmful to the soil around the area of the disposal. This means that the food production in the area will be affected negatively. Also, the local aquatic life is endangered when the wastes are disposed in the wrong way. In case of hazardous fumes, the air will be affected, which may later lead to the acidic rain which destroys life. All the concerned stakeholders therefore need to take the appropriate action to ensure that the negative effect of the hazardous wastes is minimized.

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