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Social Evil

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India can be divided in two parts, viz, Bharat & India, representing rural & urban India respectively. Bharat wala part is full of social evils which include hunger, poverty, illeteracy, gender biasing and many more. We are aware of many evils, but had we ever realized that what is the basic reason behind all these social drag. In my view, poverty is the sole reason for all evils & malfunction, as it is the starting point for whole vicious circle of these social evils. From poverty, there arouse illiteracy & hunger which leads to improper functioning of whole system, as these are the basic needs of society that is needed to be fulfilled at the primary level.

As a responsibility, government is handling the issue in poverty eradication programme, but they are not succeeded in abolition of these evils, not even reducing it. So the need of the hour is to focus on their primary needs rather than just passing the responsibility from one section to another. As a part of responsibility, government has started many initiatives in the form of its Bharat Nirman programme which is a flagship of UPA government. They have started many more of such types, but they are not focused, rather there are difference in opinion within their memebers also. We have agenda but not the proper power to execute & implement them in more efficient ways. These all evils & data are increasing day by day which can be shown by UN human development reports downward going number for India.



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