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Social Issues: The World Vis-À-Vis The Philippines

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Essay Preview: Social Issues: The World Vis-À-Vis The Philippines

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The world we live in today is constantly changing. Changes that are happening so fast, so numerous and bewildering that the young and ordinary man/woman is unable to cope up, thus getting lost and wayward in the process. Unfortunately, all of these changes affect all of us wherever we are and however we live. I wouldn't want to venture into all of these changes, but talk more of the ones that affect our social life especially those that have brought about negative consequences, problems and issues which we need to confront and address because they affect our daily lives. For me, the more prevalent, intriguing and urgent ones-worldwide-are the cases and issues related to HIV-AIDS, human trafficking, teen-age pregnancy/promiscuity, drugs, and cyberspace/internet addiction.

These things and the consequent social issues are not only true and happening in one side of the world only, but the world over. The Philippines is no exception, nor are the other segments of society. Almost all countries-developed, developing and less developed, all races-white, black, brown, yellow and all sectors of the population-young and old, male and female, rich or poor, educated or ignorant- are all affected. The sad thing though is that the ones who are at most risk and are unable to cope up with its risks and dangers are the younger population and those in the poorer countries like the Philippines. Statistics in our country have shown that the number of cases on the above-mentioned social phenomenon have increased and on the rise. WOW, Philippines or OMG, save the Philippines!



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