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Social Movements - Managing in Social Change

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Essay Preview: Social Movements - Managing in Social Change

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Quinton Johnston

Managing in Social Change

Social movements are a type of group action. They are a large group of people that gather together to express their concerns or opinions mainly on a specific subject or idea. Social movements began in the 1800s. The term "social movements" was first introduced in 1850 by Lorenz Von Stein who was a German Sociologist. He introduced the term in his book titled "History of the French Social Movement from 1789 to the Present" (1850).

Historians found that the people that tend to become involved in movements are people that find interest in the specific movement. Contributors that become involved in movements tend to invest in the idea that is presented by the leaders and movers within the movement. There are all types of contributors, some that sponsor the movement financially, morally, economically, and physically. The leaders of social movements are individuals that have found a certain passion for a issue or concern and has determined that they want to bring about change through leading the movement.

These leaders have researched ways to address the certain issue/concern and they have presented possible solutions to a group of people who have similar interest and those who have developed the same passion for addressing the issue to bring about change. After presenting the possible solutions, supporters, sympathizers and others will gather with the leaders to begin the movement. Sympathizers are people who show a considerable support for those who have suffered misfortune. In most cases, sympathizers will show all of their support to the members of the social group because they would have experience hardships in the same area as the social movers or would have known someone who has.

People that join a social movement are people that have hope in the change that is proposed by the movement. Members of the movement would walk the streets and conduct gatherings and rallies to get others to join the idea and to jump on board with the movement. The main reason for this is because the only way that social change can happen is by influencing other people to believe in the movement. It is not easy to influence others to join a movement mainly because everyone has their own opinion on social issues and not everyone is going to accept the idea of social change regarding the type of issue.

Social Movements are not always successful due to this theory. There are many social movements that have lasted for years and are constantly fighting for a social change. One of the main social movements that is continually to fight for their rights is the Gay Marriage movement. For years, the LGBT community has fought for their rights as US citizens and just recently got a break in law to approve same sex marriage. This social movement is still on the rise to being approved in all states.




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