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Social Responsibility

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W1 Social Responsibility

In this week's, discussion is on social responsibility, which is an intriguing topic. The history of social responsibility is the changes and the effects on your personal. According to Aristotle's study of ethics and humans nature, he states that ethics and eudaimonia is "well-being or happiness": he also said that happiness is "the natural purpose or function of humans, which is "activity in accordance to reason" (Arthur & Scalet, 2009). History, his philosopher who accepted for centuries, the teaching of intellectual virtues and acquiring moral virtues and habits from the community: a thing of the past.

The change, our multicultural society, poverty, children having babies and calling 911 on their parents if their parents discipline them: the community hands cannot do anything about kids who behave like that. The teaching of intellectual virtues and morals for the most part can be taught through social services, and the criminal justice system.

I believe that Social responsibility is a shared accountability, which involve family, local, state, and federal administrator. A social responsible person should exhibit, courage, intellectual honesty, and justice. For example, it is our responsibility to observe, and report any suspicious activity from a safe distance.

The lack of social responsibility effects our society negatively, and me personally. For example, just a week or so ago, a world leader can be arrested and charged with sexual assault. Dominique Strauss-Kahn was charged with trying to rape a hotel maid in New York (NEW YORK [Reuters], 2011). He was the director of the International Monetary Funds. The civic trust is hard to earn, yet easy to lose. I have family, friends, and a community to protect and serve. Who can I trust? As a world leader, who we trusted our international funds with, has no integrity, morals, nor ethics.


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