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Social Statistic

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Discuss how the above three concepts are related to each other and provide an original example in your discussion. (100 to 150 words).

The three concepts are all part of inferential statistics. The rejection region and confidence interval both used in hypothesis testing. A confidence interval gives the possible values that cannot be rejected of null hypothesis; the rejection region is the value of T falls in the outside of the confidence limits. A confidence level refers to the percentage of all possible samples, such as 95% or 99%. Suppose we are trying to determine the mean weight of an adult male in Ottawa. We choose the level of 95% and the random sample of 1,000 men from a population of 100,000 men and weight them. We find that the mean in our sample weighs 180 pounds, and the standard deviation of the sample is 30 pounds. Therefore, the 95% confidence interval shows that the population mean falls within the 180 + 1.86.

3. Provide an original example of a study that would involve an independent t test and state the research question and the variables. (100 words)

Antonia oversees social work services offered in the 50 district offices throughout the state. She randomly selected 10 other districts as her control group. These district supervisors were given no additional training and no new instructions on how they should handle decision making in their district offices. Suppose she find that the one-tailed research hypothesis: there will be a lower rate of staff turnover in units where a democratic decision-making style is used than in units where a more autocratic style is used. Use 0.05 confidence level. The dependent variable is staff turnover rate, the nominal level independent variable decision-making environment.

4. Provide an original example of a study that would involve a chi square test and state the research question and the variables. (100 words)

Suppose we are trying to survey a simple random sample of 1,000 voters. Respondents were classified by gender males or females and by voting preference republican, democrat, or independent. Results are shown in the table:

Voting Preferences Row total

Republican Democrat Independent

Male 200 150 50 400

Female 250 300 50 600

Column total 450 450 100 1000

The research question is there is a relationship between the gender and voting preferences. Variables are gender (male or female) and voting preferences (republican, democrat, independent).

5. What does "linear correlation" mean? Provide two examples of variables that might be correlated in a linear way. (100 words).

Correlation coefficients are measuring the strength of association



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