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Sociology 101 Class

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There are somethings that i could have done differntly in my sociology 101 class.

the first thing i that i would change is how i studied. i wouldnt study while working out

i would sit in a quiet atmospher with my note book, notes, pencil and my book. in stead i just read the

sociology book like a novel. i would have made flash cards like i did for my final and that did help, and

i wouldhave made a study group, i also wish i would have been more interactive with the class rather

then sitting back andbeing quiet the whole time.

the second thing i would have changed is i would have taken better notes. instead of just recording my classes

or just lessoning to the teacher speake and should have have been writing what he said.

also i probably wondnt take another class so early, although i was never late and i missed i believe 2 days

would take a later in the moring class say around 9 or 10 and make sure i never missed a day. while i was

taking the 8am class i just didnt feel like i was really present in the class, my mind kept wonding and so i

wasnt really focused on what was being said or done.

i have never waited last minute like this to do any type of school work and that is one big thing that i

would change. instead of waiting last minute, when i first noticed that i hadnt done all the extra credit i

should have asked for it right a way.



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