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Sony Vaio Computer Case

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Essay Preview: Sony Vaio Computer Case

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Mai Thi Kim Sang

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Sony Computer Case

  1. What is the global image of Sony VAIO?  Do Chinese consumers share this view or have other perceptions?

The global image of Sony VAIO is strong association with attributes  of “ style” and “ design”, which helped Sony continued to foster in subsequent years  by emphasize design cues and reduce laptop weight and size.

Chinese consumers have other perceptions- Chinese consumers who value intangible benefits such as status or peace of mind showed a preference for purchasing a genuine laptop if a copycat accurately mimicked it.

  1.  There are four different studies available to the product manager in the case. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of the four studies?

Firstly, a large-scale study of the Chinese laptop consumer helped Sony deeply understand about the modern Chinese consumer’s values, consumption behavior and usage habits. However, the promise of quality in a market saturated with copycat brands and unethical business became a Sony’s problem. The second study helped Sony gain deeper understanding in laptop-related perceptions and preferences of users but the number of interviewers is still limited. Finally, two others provided rich insights about consumer use and enhanced the company’s understanding of users globally.

  1. Which segment(s) should Lopez target and why?  (You will need to conduct some calculations for this question). 

Lopez should target segments:

  • Focus on male (the rate of male users is higher than this figure for female about 12%)
  • Age group from 25-34 and their education level is college degree( 36% and 25% respectively)
  1. If Lopez’s main goal was to leverage existing loyalty and interest in Sony, which study would be most helpful?

If Lopez’s main goal was to leverage existing loyalty and interest in Sony, a more detailed report consisting of interviews with Chinese laptop consumers would be most helpful simply because it helps Sony understand laptop-related perception and preferences in more detail.



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