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Spiritual Growth

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Essay Preview: Spiritual Growth

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Spiritual growth

Before i started this course i considered myself an ok sort of christian..i read the bible and prayed i go to church and try to always do the right thing. When i started this course two weeks ago i did not have a very clear idea what God had in store for me. But i made a commitment to God that i will dedicate this year to serving Him and others. In only one week i have learnt how much there really is to being a christian and wanting to be like Christ.I never knew about strongholds before but listening to what ps Jan was talking about really woke my spirit and i wanted to get rid of the negative that was in my life and fill myself with positive strongholds so my soul is protected from th enemy. I also learnt that praying is a huge part of having a personal relationship with God. I never really had a very good prayer life it was very limited and thats why my relationship with God was limited and reading the bible every day was so important as it gives us the knowledge to connect with God.I felt like a "baby" christian ...that i knew so little and that i will have to really put my heart into it wanting to learn more.

I found that is doesnt work trying to read your bible or praying laying down in your bed or sitting in a comford but to get out of my comford zone and mabe go for a walk.Just to truly give all my attention to God and having a tru connection to God that way i will know that its not just in my head but it is Him speaking to me. I also learnt that i cant do it by myself that i need God and others to encourage me or it simply wont work.

I was really challenged in my prayer life and how often i read the bible. Challenged to pray out loud in front of other people and asking God to help me pray and give me authority to stand up against the enemy.Challenged in all th flaus thats in my life but also challenged how to concour them. I was also challenged in having a serving heart, i do have a heart for people and i love serving but He said in His word that we should be willing to lay down our lives for others and that really hit nail on th head. My heart is changing every day more and more as i seek Him He softens me to the idea of laying down my life for His people. I have set a time to spend praying and reading the bible every day, to just seek God and get into His presence and listen to what he says. I still find it difficult to apply these things but it is getting better every day . The more i pray the more i read the more i get to know God and who He is and how much He really cares about me.

I have made a better efford to pray regularly and read the word of God more and more, i want to know God in a personal relationship and want Him to be a part of my life as much as i need air to breath. My fellow students are truly an amazing bunch of people and very encouraging. We regularly pray for one another and speak positive into each others lives. It is such an



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