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Sportacular Business Plan

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Executive Summary


Sportacular opened in 2003, with the first location in Miami, Florida. In the last eight years, the store has expanded to include locations in New York, Texas, and California. The first store was originally a small warehouse designed to sell footwear and replica player Jerseys. However, as demand grew, Sportacular expanded its inventory to satisfy the need of every sporting enthusiast.


Sportacular is more than just your everyday sporting goods store. At Sportacular we specialize in making custom footwear for every sport. We also take pride in customer service, because without returning customers we know we cannot run a successful business. In each store you will find shoes and clothes for men and woman, work-out equipment, balls for every major sport, golf-clubs, ping-pong, baseball bats, accessories such as sunglasses, and much more.


People of different nationalities and ages participate in sports all over the world. Sportacular's three locations ( Florida, Texas, and California) have been very successful to date. As a result, Sportacular has decided to explore a new market abroad. After much thought and consideration, the Sportacular team has decided to open its first store abroad in Madrid, Spain. Madrid is the largest city in Spain, and the third largest in the European Union. Madrid has a strong passion for soccer as well as other sports.

Keys to Success

Here at Sportacular we expect our store in Madrid to share the same success that we have experienced in the United States. However, in order for this to happen we need to implement a few important changes. These changes will be thoroughly explained later in this business but they will be briefly mentioned here. First, our product line will have to adapt to accommodate the market in Spain. For example, there will have to be a much stronger emphasis on soccer as compared to the United States. In addition we will be hiring an advertising consultant in Spain to help market our store. We will be doing this because our advertising strategies that are implemented in America might not work in Spain. Sportacular will also bring its great customer service and customer loyalty abroad.

Company Summary

Company Ownership

Entrepreneur Michael Bernstein created Sportacular in 2003 with the help of his father, David. Today, Michael is the president and CEO of the company, while David handles the accounting and financials. As of April 2011 the company is private;, however, they are rumored to be going public sometime in 2011 or 2012.

Company Locations and Facilities

The first store opened in Miami, Florida in February of 2003. After three



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