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Sports Zone Business Plan

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Executive Summary

Sports Zone is a multisport complex that will provides its users with various services due to the responding needs in Malaysia. It is located at Jalan BBN 1/1, Bandar Baru Nilai, 71800 Negeri Sembilan. Nilai is a place that located in Negeri Sembilan which has many development projects are carrying on and there have few university and colleges which included Nilai University College and Inti International University. This will give us confidence of business to grow in future.

Sports Zone is providing a various sporting activities that are easily accessible and comfortable. There are 6 futsal courts, 8 badminton courts, 4 tables tennis, indoor gym, snooker center, sport shop, a cafeteria and other necessities like safety lockers, changing rooms and also parking spaces. Sports Zone is multi-functional sports center for people with all level of categories customer and demographic. We have competitive advantages compare with other competitors because we have more futsal pitches with lower prices than them and we offer attractive promotion to customer.

Sports Zone will be the only multisport complex that run facility which different with other club in the area. Besides, our location, size and appearance of facility are attractive and we will keep up with the current trends in both sport and fitness programs. We promote our business to the customers by personal selling, public relation, advertising and sales promotion. Sports Zone has its own website and own email to gives customers to provide critics and ideas for the company to improve. Customers can obtain company's information from our website.

Sports Zone is a private limited company which is form by 8 partners. Each partner is holding certain position with different responsibility of our business. The advisor in this company is William Lim Teck Liang. He is graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with Master of Entrepreneurship. In Sports Zone, every partner will in charge in each of the important department such as Administration, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources.

Finally, after we did the forecast financial plan, it shows that our business will only break even in year 2, as we invested RM 1,000,000 as the rental of the land, development costs, equipment and start-up capital. The breakeven period was not in the first year due to the period of operation month are quite long. Therefore, if we can minimize the duration of operation months, this business is somehow worth to invest in and the profits in future is very attracting.


We focus on providing superb facilities at value for money prices. Together with our customer orientated service, we hope our customer will always think of us when they want to plays! We will also expanding our Sports Zone throughout Malaysia with more venues.





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