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Spritzer Case Study

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Essay Preview: Spritzer Case Study

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Spritzer is a largest Malaysia selling natural mineral water. Formerly based factory at Taiping, these famous brand expend their factory at Shah Alam and Johor Bahru. Spritzer has various selling product in market such as natural mineral water, sparkling natural mineral water, distilled mineral water, carbonated and non - fruit flavour drink, functional drink, toothbrushes, preforms and packaging bottles. Spritzer getting it source from 400ft underground from natural unspoilt surrounding. The product is hygienically filtered and process and also certified by ISO 9001:2001 and QUASI (Quality Assurance International, LLC, USA). Spitzer is most recognizable and affordable by Malaysian. Several awards have won by Spritzer itself in several years and they also were a sponsor for Malaysia Team during Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney, Australia (, n.d).

Lately, market for this industry became tough for Spritzer due to price increase of raw material, transportation, labour and etc. At same time Spritzer also did some upgrading works on their facilities with new automation technology. But still Spritzer has not increased their product price. A few steps were taken by Spritzer to make a profit without increasing the price. One of the steps taken is their marketing team is to put an innovation on its product compared to their competitors. Nowadays, e-commerce or online business widely used by company for their marketing. Spritzer also not left behind to use this application, which product of their water dispenser can purchase online and sent directly to home. Price of water dispenser also affordable at cost of RM80, user can get hot/cold water dispenser. This marketing innovation actually makes this brand as trusted brand with affordable price. It easy to operates and it is a mobile type product. It comes with 3 types of water dispenser which is hot and cold stand dispenser, hot and cold mini dispenser and mini dispenser. Innovation of product makes user has a choice to choose suitable product for home or office usage.

Another reason makes Spritzer have big market in Malaysia is their product is pushing to health aspect. According to Spritzer, their natural mineral water is created to provide the highest quality with healthy benefits for customer. Their product clinically proven that natural mineral water effectively removing neurotoxin aluminium from human body and minimize risk of neurodegenerative disease or other words Alzheimer or Parkinson (,n.d ). They believe the healthy product capable to get better market in Malaysia. That why customer trusted their brand as healthy product.

Their marketing team also found that various types of product able to attract customer especially younger customer such as school age children and teenagers. Suitable product for them such Spritzer Tinge is definitely a favourite among kids and parents. It have variable flavor that target to customer that like drink more water but do not like plain taste. Spritzer BonRica also suitable for functional drinks that contains soluble dietary fibre with its prebiotics effects (,n.d). Range of product play important role to give more choice for customer to choose Spritzer brand .



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