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Spy Movie (2015) Review

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Essay Preview: Spy Movie (2015) Review

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Title: Spy (2015)

Genre: action, comedy

Director: Paul Fieg

Date: 11/08/2015

My personal response

Susan cooper is a computer agent she tells the field agents if anyone is there, but her field agent was killed and so she became an agent on the field.

My responses to the movie is that it was very funny because there was a guy who was always hitting on her but she liked this other guy named Bradley fine but he was the one who was killed. I think that the movie is very breath taking because in one part it was very quiet and suddenly this guy jumps through the window she ends up killing him because he was a bad guy and she faints because the guy died.

I think my favourite character would have to be Susan cooper not only because she was the main character but because she plays it so well. In some movies people don’t suit their characters but she did very well. I can really relate to her character because she is outgoing and she speaks her mind about things she likes and doesn’t like, she is very free she doesn’t let anyone bring her down she is unstoppable. Teenage girls need characters like these because they are very good role models for people who are very low on confidence and they watch this film and feel more confident and free.

My favourite part would have to be when she walks out all sassy and dressed in a lovely black dress and a nice black wig and starts to drive on a motorbike where she is to chase down a man that has shot at her and she looks very agent like on her motor bike in the end the person she was chasing was shot by someone unknown. It’s my favourite part because it gives it the spy feeling it’s very good.

Girls need films like these to make them feel more confident about themselves and to feel free.

I cannot wait for spy 2 to come out into the movies



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