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Starbucks Case Study

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Essay Preview: Starbucks Case Study

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Starbucks Coffee

Job Description

Title Baristas

Department(s) Customer Service

Reports to Store Manager

Job summary

This position will be responsible for providing friendly service to patrons and become experts in coffee brewing. Starbucks patrons and employees will experience a friendly, upbeat, clean and fun atmosphere.

Essential Duties and Key Responsibilities

1. Apply the Company's visions, pledges and guiding principles to every facet of responsibilities in an effort to improve our company.

2. Welcomes and connects with every customer.

3. Delivers fast, fun and friendly service by appropriately suggesting products to meet sales goals.

4. Demonstrates the "Just Say Yes" behavior by taking care of customer needs.

5. Accommodates customer beverage needs and follows health, safety and sanitation guidelines per company policy.

6. Adheres to company's merchandising, stocking, rotating and storing products standards.

7. Adheres to company's dress code guidelines.

8. Follows proper cash handling and cash register etiquettes.

9. Follows all performance standards per Associate Manual guideline.

Minimum requirements

High school diploma required.

Abilities required

Ability to effectively communicate and work in a group setting.

Ability to add, subtracts, multiply and divides in all units of measure, if needed.

Ability to work flexible hours, weekends, evenings and holidays.

Baristas must occasionally be able to lift and/or move up to 30 pounds.


All personnel may be required to perform duties outside of their normal responsibilities from time to time, as needed.

Starbucks' Structure Analysis

Starbucks Corporation is an international Company, known for its specialty blends of coffee and coffee equipment for a perfect cup of brew.


Departmentalization can be defined as an effective organizational tool in that it involves dividing people up into different departments or divisions in which collections of tasks are placed together, such as accounting, marketing, and production. Going through Starbucks case study, the best suited departmentalization for Starbucks would be by Geographic Region. Starbucks has its financial affairs, legal affairs separated from stores. It has also added talent management, human resources and training and development as part of being specialized departments. This structure works, because it is separated from day to day business and does not interfere with store operations.

Because the organization is departmentalized as a geographic and not along the lines of matrix structure, we see one boss reporting system. Each employee answers to only one boss, and this creates less confusion and the employees' are receiving clear directions rather than a conflicting one. Geographic structure makes it possible for the company and also managers to address territorial differences, and also helps all the activities performed in a region to be managed together. This structure creates consistency and improves the confidence of employees to achieve their performance goals.

Since, the cafes were placed on commuter routes and in other places where people were likely to gather and socialize. Because it is a place where patrons enjoying getting gourmet coffee and lounge in a relaxing atmosphere, having additional items to eat is an excellent way to add on sales and increase profitability. Normally, in the morning patrons stop to grab a cup of coffee and with that usually end up purchasing breakfast



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