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Starpower Reflection

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Star Power

I gradually realized it was a kind of simulation but all I wanted to do during the whole process is following the instruction and trying to win the game until the end of the game Professor Turner gave us a debrief. Then I started to take it really seriously, thought it deeper. This simulation reflected the phenomenon of our society. From a one-hour simulation I almost experienced the whole life since our whole life works in the way that pretty similar to the simulation.

Firstly, when the game started everyone draw different chips then we started to talk, trade, laugh. The classroom was in harmony, seems all of us had a good time with the game. However, then the trade time was end and all of us were divided into 3 groups based on our chips(wealth), everyone seems noticed that the chip(wealth) decided in which social class they belonged, and at this time the bonus chip which represented the power was given to each class, however the power was equal to every class so it did not make a lot difference. After that, everyone took it more seriously in the next round, they tried their best to accumulate more wealth and started to use some “little trick” even they had a lot of eye contact and touch each other while making a trade. Then, the richest group was given authority to change the rule, definitely they would change the rule to keep their own profit without doubt, atmosphere suddenly changed. The two groups which lost their power started to complain and try to change it back or take over the power. With the new rule, there are few opportunities to catch up the group with power, I realized some people gave up with too much frustration, some tried harder to move to that group.  

This simulation is really powerful, it taught the participants a lot even they are not aware of it until the debrief session. Here are some reflections from my perspective:

 People behavior differently while the rule or system changed. Also, people tend to protect own profit even it might break others’ profit. It also might happen that we might cheat if we do not pay attention during the process of chasing the power. Power is more seductive than we realized and can be abused easily.



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