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Start-Up Situation in Vietnam

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Essay Preview: Start-Up Situation in Vietnam

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Group members:

Nguyễn Duy Tuấn

Nguyễn Nhật Ánh

Nguyễn Tuấn Minh

Nguyễn Thùy Dương

Đào Phương Mai

Đàm Ngọc Anh

1. Prior to internship at About the fit, Ben Whittaker was a manager in a phonebook manufacturing company for more than 40 years. After his wife's decease, Ben has taken up literally every activites that an elder would do including yogas or even travelling around the world. However, as time went by, deep down Ben felt bored seeing his peers' funerals and came across the elderly internship program at About the fit. He went for it and got the position quite easily with his cool attitude and experience.

- 70 years old man

- 40 years experience as a manager and multiple positions (marketing, sales) in a phonebook manufacturing company

- Widowed

- Tried yoga, travelling all around the world

- However, he does not feel satisfied.

One day he applied to the About the fit company. Reasons:

+ Luck: he found  the internship application by surprise on the street

+ He misses the working atmosphere. Especially when About the fit resides exactly where his phonebook company was.

+ The retirement wore Ben down.

+ His wife’s decease => he feels lonely

2. From the movies, i believe the answer for this question is a dual effect Ben experience in his behavior after working with jules and new colleagues. As a matter of fact, it was him affecting others' behavior to change. With his significant experience inside and outside the workplace, Ben was the ultimate guru for the About the fit team from giving advice for couples to effectively assisting jules in running business. Ben is experienced manager. He is a great listener. A great observer (although it makes people mad sometimes). On the other hand, he was influenced to change as well. For instance, he used a macbook instead of reading printed newspaper or even invaded into someone's house, which probably hasnt come across his mind before. The reason for this, i believe, is that he possesses the ability to adapt. If you are not willing to adapt, there is no way it is possible for you to change. And Ben is a great adapter. There must an extremely difficulty for a man at his 70 to work with those who are about his son's age, yet Ben managed to perfectly blend in the workplace without losing his own culture (old school thing like wearing suits, leather suitcases, ties,...)

Besides that, Ben is the person who changed the Jules's mind. Initially, from a person who was underrated by Jules and could not help her do anything, Ben has gradually demonstrated to her how his experience and observant help can help Jules a lot. That made Jules not only regain the decision to move Ben to another place but also made her begged Ben to turn back to act as her right arm. Jules's thought that do not beleive in the ability of others have been altered by Ben's ability, patience, and devotion.



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