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Stew Case

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The following companies have recently announced that they have $10,000,000 to offer a celebrity in return for them to endorse their company / product. Your job as brand development manager is to develop a promotional campaign for your client. You have decided that finding a celebrity endorser is the way to go. You are to find a celebrity that would be the best match for one of these companies. Choose from one of the following companies:

1. New York City - New ad campaign to persuade the tourists New York City is a great place to visit after Hurricane Sandy( research this thoroughly)

2. Chevrolet - New branding strategy and positioning statement introducing their new slogan (research thoroughly-this is a new strategy for 2013)

3. Other - your choice and must be approved by me BEFORE you begin.

*****FORBES is a great place to start for company research

TASK: Create a one -two page written proposal that will persuade a board of directors that this celebrity endorsement is the most effective way to promote this product/company. The following information must be in your proposal. Your proposal should have the following sections and follow this outline:

I. Title page: Name of athlete / celebrity /company

II. Statement of benefits: at least five points and benefits to the brand

III. Detailed description of target market:

IV. Characteristics of Celebrity Thorough description of how this person matches the demographic profile of the customer base, including any legal problems the celebrity may have or had in the past. Explain (If applicable). Explain the importance of this person's image to the company offering the endorsement

V. Proposed type of Endorsement & reasoning: explain why this is the best type of endorsement

VI. FTC Guidelines consideration - Explain the steps you will take to meet the FTC guidelines on endorsements and how you will not violate any regulations in the process.

VII. Creative: What is your creative strategy? Explain your ideas in detail here.

Step1: Choose the type of celebrity to hire: a Hollywood star, famous recording artist, other (specify)

Step 2: Identify characteristics of the celebrity that are most important to the product and target market.

a. Include a thorough description of the target market

b. Match up characteristics of endorser (a minimum of 3)

a. Are they: credible, believable, well respected, popular, have a good image, controversial, expensive? Do they have universal appeal?



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