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Strategic Business

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Table of Contents

Introduction and Executive Summary 3

Overview of NSW Loctite Business 4

NSW Business Analysis 5

Strengths (internal) 5

Challenges (internal) 5

Opportunities (external) 6

Threats (external) 7

Industry and Territory Analysis Matrix 8

Distributor and Territory Analysis Matrix 8

Overview of Loctite Distribution in NSW 9

NSW Distribution Analysis 9

NSW Distributor Sales Performance 2006-2007 9

NSW Distributor Market Share 07 9

Distributor Conclusion 9

NSW Distributor Detail 10

Overview of Manufacturing and Maintenance in NSW 14

NSW Key Industries Detail 16

Mining 16

Defence and Aerospace 17

Food and Beverage 18

Forestry and Timber Products 19

Biotechnology 20

Overview of Competitors in NSW 21

Competitor Brand and Product Analysis 22

Competitor Comparison Matrix 22

Competitor Industry Targets 23

Competitor Analysis Conclusion 24

Conclusion and Action Plan for 2008 25

Appendix 27

Power Stations 27

Steelmaking 31

Aluminium Smelting 33

Pulp & Paper 34

Asset Management & Maintenance Contractors 36

Railway Maintenance 37

Introduction and Executive Summary

The objective of this plan is to provide a comprehensive overview of current business in NSW and provide strategic direction for the NSW sales team to grow the business into the future. Part of our strategy going forward will be to utilise regional marketing initiatives to better penetrate and grow sales in strategic industries and accounts.

The results of analysis conducted for this plan show that we need to improve in several areas and has identified the some main challenges to growth in NSW.

* Changing distribution structure and purchasing strategies

* Distributor consolidation

* Increased competition form other chemical suppliers

* Industry consolidation and outsourcing of maintenance operations

While these challenges are significant they do not exceed the opportunities for sales growth in NSW. The best opportunities are in areas such as:

* Design - Increasing awareness of our full range of products and services in learning institutions and product design companies by conducting training. We recently have proven the value of this by receiving a call from a customer who had been trained last year, now in a maintenance role requiring a product to specify for a large maintenance job.

* Manufacturing -Increasing OEM customer knowledge and applications for our full range of products and services including dispensing equipment by training end users.

* Maintenance - Penetrating strategic facilities with high levels of potential applications and working closer with maintenance contractors by utilising MRO Workshop training.

* Distribution - Increasing application, product knowledge and product availability for all end users that may use a few drops or a litre of product per year. Continue with monthly business review meetings.

Growth from these opportunities will only be realised by working closely with our distribution and customers to gain a deeper understanding of needs and meeting these needs, utilising our complete range of technologies and services. We already enjoy excellent brand equity in the market place that forms a solid base to build on.

Other Henkel businesses that operate in many of these industries can also offer process knowledge and access to some of the largest facilities in NSW. It is our intention to involve our colleagues in finding the best solutions no matter what the application may be.

Overview of NSW Loctite Business

Loctite business in NSW comes from a wide variety of industries in fourteen different defined business regions and is serviced by our comprehensive distribution network consisting of seven national distributors and large numbers of resellers. Our application engineers in NSW work in three geographical territories that enable us to best support and develop our business. These are:

Southern NSW - South from Mascot in Sydney to Eden, out to Griffith

* Australian Capital Region

* Greater Western Sydney

* Illawarra

* Murray

* Riverina

Central NSW - Sydney CBD straight out to Bourke

* Far West

* Central West

* Orana

* Sydney

Northern NSW - North of North Sydney to Grafton out to Moree

* Central Coast

* The Hunter

* Mid North Coast

* New England - North West

* Northern Rivers

Several key industries are spread over large distances and it would be inefficient and ineffective to have the application engineers crisscrossing across the state in an industry specialised role.

NSW Loctite Business Analysis

Strengths (internal)

* Ability



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