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Strategic Management - Whole Foods Market

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Essay Preview: Strategic Management - Whole Foods Market

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Strategic management : Whole Foods Market

Juliette Sultana

  1. The company Whole foods market is different from its competitors because it sell healthy and respectable products like organic food, fish products, vegetables... The brand pays attention to the ecological impact and favours local producers and seeks the best possible quality. In addition, it also markets items such as school stationery and books to promote a responsible image of education.
  1. Todays the company have 172 stores in North America and United kingdom. It specifically targets area with people that have got a high study diploma because they are more likely be aware and supportive of nutritional issues.
  1. The company is positioned in the natural and ecological organic food sector of the responsible agriculture type. The particularity of the WFM brand products is that they are all certified by the US department of agriculture. This helps to reassure consumers who are sure to buy products that comply with their environmentally friendly values.
  1. Before the company was the only one to propose this type of products and this marketing direction. But now since six years ago a lot of new company has understood the opportunity of this market and have started to close up. Competition in the world of organic production is therefore increasingly competitive and brands must stand out more and more to stand out.
  1. A lot of things can explain the sucess of the company WFM. First of all they understood the growing demand of organic products by a specific sector. in addition to this they propose quality products, their stores have a perfect localisation for the target and relationship between suppliers and consumers are healthy.
  1. WFM differs from companies because the money received by the company does not benefit private investors but is directly reinvested in improving the quality of the company. Jobs are very protective which is a key success factor because employees create a positive image of the company and this helps to build customer loyalty. In addition, the company gives 5% of its profits to charitable associations, which gives a solid and serious image of the brand.
  1. Swot matrix

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  1. The company should consider diversifying by offering other non-food products such as everyday objects. Otherwise it could find new land to exploit and invest now in the preservation of these sectors to ensure its sustainability.
  1. The widespread acceptance of organic products may impact the company because it will mean that competition will be very important and that it will lose its status as market leader. This could lead to a decrease in its prices and therefore in its margins, but also to the loss of its customers who will go to competing companies.



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