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Strategic Planning Process

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Strategic Planning Process

Nina Brown

Healthcare Administration/HCM640/Unit 1

Christopher Miller

February 17, 2013

Strategic Planning Process

Strategic planning is the mental process of deciding a organization's long-term goals, which describes an organization strengthens, weaknesses and threats. Next after determining the objectives the next step is implementing the right plan of attack for reaching these goals. This cognitive operation provides a blueprint to the organization matching strategic planning with the business whole operation by evaluating organizational goals and addressing the areas that need to be improve. According to Zuckerman (2012), "The strategic planning process consist of four steps the environmental assessment, organizational directions, strategy formulation and implementation planning." The information in this paper is about starting a strategic planning process for a skilled nursing facility. It will determine and address how to train the staff to implement this program into the organization by involving the entire organization.

The consultant will go through the strategic planning process with all of the staff members in the organization. They will compare and talk about how everyone will move together through the different levels of implementing the plan. The consultant will also address any other concerns that the staff may have about the procedures for this strategic planning process. The main goal is to totally meet the patients and the nursing establishment needs, the leadership in this establishment must be both visionary and operational to effectively improve the patient care in the upcoming years. The process of inducing creativity to a operational will actually needs a strategic planning procesess that dipicts the organization's directed objectives within the next five years.

Effective Strategic Planning

Some healthcare facilities tackle sizable strategic planning and organizing, yet much of this labor fails to accomplish the performances and effects cited and the outcome brings about inefficient. This is why management should change the value of the company strategic planning by measuring the operation of the company so it can prevent different issues that may arrive during this process. The first stage for this process is to discuss the nusing facility mission and vision statements and determine what is the goals for both of these statements. However, if one or both seem to be obsolete then management and others should work together whereas they can change the statements for improving the company directions in order to meet the patients needs. Good training and follow-ups can improve the possibilities and outcome for the strategic planning process so it will be successful and everyone involved will be prepared to work together in achieving the same goals. These procedures will have everyone no what department he or she works in tomethodically think about and discuss the issues at hand.

Strategic Planning Members

A strategic planning process usually is led by the facility high-level of adminstrators, board of directors and strategic planning sub-committee; however, for this planning process the consultant wants to involve everyone so this committee will consist of the existing members and adding one representative from each department.The consultant believe that staff at all levels are an important part for this process and for the plan to work for nursing establishment it vital that goals are understood by everyone. This planning process will be established for the next five years and taking into account the business's operational procedures, the current finances, and the company future objectives by determining the issues that need to be look at right now and whether they need to completely change or adjusted. The strategic planning meeting will assist the organization in predicting changes in its business activity, the financial statements, patients, personnel, in which all have an effect on the forthcoming operations. According to Chadwick (2009), "A nursing facility, knows who, where they are, and where they are going are all imperative."

Step-by-Step Planning Process

Mission and Vision Statements

The frist step in setting up these procedures will be going through the different strategic levels making sure everyone understand each one of them by defining the existing mission and vision statements. This will ensure that both statements is centered around the well-being for the



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