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Strategic Roles for Model Leaders Critical Analysis

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Essay Preview: Strategic Roles for Model Leaders Critical Analysis

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The article mainly focuses on the strategic responsibilities of a model leader and suggests that model leaders need to exhibit qualities that could improve business models. After I went through the article I found it very interesting in learning that the role of CEO's is very tedious and need the utmost capabilities to run a company in success path. The four models explained in the article and the examples given seem to be very effective and in my opinion it is very important for leaders to possess the qualities and capabilities to develop and install (implement) business models that the author expressed through the article.

Considering the strategic roles for model leaders put forward by the author I see that

Putting business model innovation on company's agenda - The role of CEO is clearly explained here as learning through experience. In my view this could be little risky as the leader here need to have self confidence and more creativity and should be able (rather could be said as dependable) to develop new ideas through experience. The important issue lies in implementing those business models that match the company agenda.

Encouraging experimentation with business model innovation - Here leader's perspective is shown as an experimenter rather than an inventor. Leading the business cost effectively by introducing low cost no cost ideas or experiments would be more beneficial to company. In my view this is the best role as a strategic leader. This role explains the value of ideas and creativity.

Establishing an ongoing process to create improved business models - Here the leader role emphasizes on creating improved business models rather than creating new ideas to improve current business. This role is very crucial and tedious as well as developing new business models is not a simple task, even though as explained in the first example of Mr.Dell, finding new business is a good job. In my opinion this role will help the business to enter new fields rather than investing in developing the same business.

Making business model innovation a priority - This role could be said as the most powerful that all the above as invention and reinvention is the at most crucial job to perform and this needs innovation, creativity, and perfect planning.

Finally I would say that creativity, self confidence, innovativeness, perfect planning capabilities etc. are some of the most important factors that are necessary for any strategic leader. Performing all the roles as a whole is very difficult as changing business needs and hiring talented leaders is difficult as well. So companies should hire the right person to be a perfect leader.



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