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Strengths Case

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I am determined to succeed. Growing up in a humble family I learned early in life to work hard and be persistent. Having a positive attitude is a strength of mine that contributes to a happy personal life, a good work environment, and at school. A positive attitude is contagious. How can anybody be mad or upset at a person who is almost completely nice? My personal life is great because there is hardly any negativity or bad attitudes. I flood my family with positive, happy thoughts that motivate them to encourage and share their happiness with others. Being positive keeps me and others around me in a good mood. A positive attitude will be beneficial in school because it will promote teamwork and friendships. I think that a happy, friendly team will be more productive than a team that argues and disagrees. My second strength is patience. Who likes a pushy, obnoxious, unhappy person? It is so much nicer to deal with people that are patient. Patient people do not interrupt others, but instead they listen and are helpful. In addition, patience is a must when participating in a team environment. When many people get together in a team, things often progress rapidly and sometimes get sloppy or misunderstood. Using patience will maintain consistency, accurateness, and organization. I am an open-minded person, a good team player and an excellent communicator. I see the big picture more than a lot of people. Not everything is a view from 100,000 feet. A true leader must pay attention to detail yet be able to weave events together in order to see the big picture. There is just so much to give that I can never settle for less. At the end of the day, you are whatever and I am a leader.



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