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Subject Evaluation - 4 Levels of Criteria

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Essay Preview: Subject Evaluation - 4 Levels of Criteria

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        Students’ satisfaction is the thing that being measured for this criterion. Students in English for Occupational Purpose (EOP) course are reflected as trainees in a training program. The course is evaluated by looking if the students are satisfied with the content of the subject.

Besides that, the way of teaching by lecturer and the classroom environment would impact the evaluation as well. The comfortable venue is likely has a good impact towards the lesson conducted. During the class, the lecturer will provide the students with notes or slideshow regarding to specific topic such as the sample of memorandum. Sometimes, the lecturer asked the student to gather in a group to discuss about business plan preparation.

        Whenever the students look passive, the lecturer would ensure if the students pay attention during the class. This is one of the methods for lecturer to see if the students satisfy with the lessons. At the end of the semester, students need to fill the online survey form which is known as Student Feedback Survey. If they do not fill the form, they could not access their subject pre-registration process, and their final examination confirmation slip. In the survey form, there are several parts such as the evaluation towards the lecturer, the facility, and the course itself.

        Below is the outline of evaluation for reaction criterion for this course:-

[pic 1]

        Learning or Cognitive

        Next element that is being used to evaluate this course is by looking at students’ knowledge of technique and theories that have been taught during the class. The effectiveness of the training program is also depending on how much the trainees has learned within the training period.  In EOP subject, the writing skills such as technique of writing the resume, emails, and memo report are highlighted by the lecturer. Strong written skills would help the students to be employed. Based on research title ‘Stakeholder’s Perceptions of an English for Occupational Purpose Course’ written by Isarji, Amal, Zainab, Engku Haliza, Aiman and Faridah (2013), 30% of the English Language skills assessed in job interview based on writing skills. Another 70% is based on speaking skills that will be discussed in next criterion which is Behavior and Skill Based. Besides that, at the early semester, students will learn about the effective communication theory such as 5C.

        The methods that are being used to evaluate this criterion are by doing the individual exercise in the class (on paper), group task, and also by examination. For exercise and also group task, most of them are evaluated during the class. The exercise in writing memo report, the students who are already finish answer the question need to meet the lecturer personally in front of the class. The lecturer will evaluated their answer, if they need to improve or make mistakes, the lecturer will correct them and suggest the good answer. While for examination, there are two types which is during the mid semester and also at the end of the semester evaluation to see if the student acquired the enough knowledge that have been taught along the semester.

[pic 2]

Behavior and Skill Based

This criterion focused on evaluation of interpersonal skills of the training learner. In EOP course, students have been enhanced their interpersonal skills as well as presentation skills by the task assigned by the lecturer. These two things are being evaluated. These skills are equally important as written skills. There are some studies showed that employers demand workers who are more proficient in productive skills (speaking and writing) compared to receptive skills (listening and reading).



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