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Succeed Tomorrow by Starting Today

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Essay Preview: Succeed Tomorrow by Starting Today

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A goal is looking up at the night sky and not wishing upon a star but rather reaching for them. We set goals which are things we aim to achieve in the future for ourselves or for others. Goals are like alarm clocks that wake us up each day to remind us of the great things that lie ahead. But of course, the alarm clock would be useless if we just hit snooze every time it sounds. Goals can only be attained if one puts their effort, dedication and enthusiasm into each thing they do to make themselves one step closer to acheiveing these goals.

My biggest goal this school year as a completing grade ten student is to finish my junior high education with honors. The pressure to maintain qualifying grades for honors is very high and can be quite a burden at times. When thoughts of wanting to procrastinate and cram start entering, I immediately go back to the beginning and ask myself what all of this is really for. Finding your original purpose amidst the stress and chaos puts a lot of things into perspective and allows you to see the bigger picture. Keeping in mind that all of my hard work and effort in my studies now is a way of showing gratitude to my parents and will also be one step to acheiving the successful future I imagine for myself, I find a sense of focus once again. In accordance to my first goal, my second goal for this school year is to find a better balance between my academics and social life because I’ve realized that grades aren’t everything. I am actually a very organized person to the point where I know what I’m going to do today, tomorrow, and for the rest of the week. This helps me to plan out my schedule precisely and avoid overlooking any deadlines or important dates in school. But I tend to get too preoccupied with academics and forget that  I also need to socialize and make an effort to see the people I love. So this school year I am committing to trying my best to finish majority of my school work during weekdays so that I have my weekends more free to go out and meet new people as well as catch up with my closest friends and family.

People, especially myself, live to acheive goals. I don’t wake up in the morning hoping for it to be a good day but instead I wake up in the morning determined to make it a good day. I’ve realized that my goals keep me going when things get tough because I know what I set my heart and mind on and nothing is going to stop me from getting it. I also learned to accept that failure is bound to happen a couple of times along the way but that these failures don’t define me or make my goal more impossible to reach. On the contrary, failures are always lessons that actually help you move forward. Goals must be worked on as soon as you can because you can only achieve a successful tomorrow if you start today.



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