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Sundiata Case

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Essay Preview: Sundiata Case

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In the Story of Sundiata: An epic of Old Mali, the theme of Destiny takes places from the beginning and to the end of the epic. The word 'Destiny', is the meaning of "The inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined. "In the book, we see how fate or destiny can have an enormous effect on a single person. All throughout the book, the epic mainly focuses on the journey and purpose of the hero, named Sundiata Keita. He is the son of King Maghan Kon Katta and the "buffalo" woman named Sologon, he was prophesized to be a great leader and to save the people of Mali. Throughout his life, his role as a king, being exiled, and his victorious return to his homeland was all controlled by his destiny and fate.

At the start, even before Sundiatas birth, a hunter-traveler told sundiata's father Maghan Kon Fatta, the king of Mali, that a powerful heir would be born as his successor. He tells him that he will come through the aid of two hunters who will one day bring with them a hideously ugly woman with "monstrous eyes" and a humpback. The hunter tells the king he must marry this woman, for she will give birth to his successor. When Sundiata was born to the king and to the "buffalo" woman named Sologon, and he could not walk up until the age of seven.



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