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Symantec Case

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My name is Wang Yijing. Now, let's go on. Firstly, I want to introduce something about Symantec. Symantec was founded in 1982 and it is a leading software vendor specializing in security and information management. (换)It is well known for its Norton brand of security products. As you can see from the PPT, Symantec provides many security related services to users and global enterprises, such as virus protection, firewall, risk management, intrusion detection, Internet content and e-mail filtering.

For our case , it mentioned two important projects of Symantec(换). The first one is Project Oasis. In 2005, Symantec acquired Veritas , another international software company specializing in storage management software. After that, Symantec began an ERP rollout called "Project Oasis". For the Project Oasis, its goal is to create a single ERP system. Symantec intended to use this project to combine key business processes and standard process order over extensive network. Unfortunately, it failed because users are unhappy with the processing steps. So this project made Symantec in the danger of losing many loyal customers.

However, the result is not so bad. With the purpose of undoing mistakes and recapture the loyalty of customers, the company immediately came up with Project Nero. It is a technically sound and user-friendly ERP system. Symantec managed to improve quality of customer service and streamline operations. With these efforts, this project helps Symantec to improve customer satisfaction levels which were all time low after OASIS. So this is my part.



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