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Symlog Analysis of Self

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Individual SYMLOG Analysis of Self

SYMLOG Introduction

        In the contemporary world, people have to interact and collaborate with others under different environments through different platforms. An approach to analyze the interactions between members and its resultant output in group environment is under study through various methods. SYMLOG is one such  system to study these interactions, which can be observed and analyzed to gather useful information. This information is used to construct individual profiles and allows to study the quality of collaborative work within the group environment. SYMLOG extracts information through well-defined set of questionnaire to measure the collaborative behavior of members and give feedback to the team about this behavior.

In this paper, I have shared the information collected about my interaction and collaboration behavior within my family environment, friends circle and workplace environment, using SYMLOG system and compared them against my own perception of myself.                  

SYMLOG Questionnaire

        To understand and collect information about my interaction and collaborative behavior in different group environments, I have used the SYMLOG method with 3 questions. I have used the below questionnaire template to collect feedbacks from at least 10 members from my family, friends and my colleagues at work place. Finally, I have used the same template to input my perception as well.

SYMLOG Questionnaire Template & Feedback

        Below are feedbacks from my family members, friends and my colleagues.

S. No






Am I Friendly ?




Am I Dominative ?




Am I Task Focused ?




X Myself                                X – My Colleagues

X – My Family members                X – My Friends

SYMLOG Field Diagram[pic 6][pic 7]

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[pic 20]

Final Output 

The Effectiveness Profile report reflects my actual ratings, compares them to the range of behaviors associated with effective interaction, and gives specific suggestions on how to modify my behavior in order to be more effective. After studying the report I should be able to understand some of my behavioral patterns.



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