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System Analysis and Design

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Essay Preview: System Analysis and Design

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The major goal of systems analysis and design is to improve organizational

systems. Often this process involves developing or acquiring application

software and training employees to use it. Application software, also called

a system, is designed to support a specific organizational function or process,

such as inventory management, payroll, or market analysis. The goal of application

software is to turn data into information. For example, software developed

for the inventory department at a bookstore may keep track of the

number of books in stock of the latest best seller. Software for the payroll department

may keep track of the changing pay rates of employees. A variety of

off-the-shelf application software can be purchased, including WordPerfect,

Excel, and PowerPoint. However, off-the-shelf software may not fit the needs

of a particular organization, and so the organization must develop its own


In addition to application software, the information system includes:

The hardware and systems software on which the application software

runs. Note that the systems software helps the computer function,

whereas the application software helps the user perform tasks such as

writing a paper, preparing a spreadsheet, and linking to the Internet.

Documentation and training materials, which are materials created by

the systems analyst to help employees use the software they've helped


The specific job roles associated with the overall system, such as the

people who run the computers and keep the software operating.

Controls, which are parts of the software written to help prevent fraud

and theft.

The people who use the software in order to do their jobs.



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