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Kudler Systems Analysis

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Kudler Fine Foods has several aspects that it needs to improve in order to become more successful in their field. It had been previously determined that in order for Kudler to improve drastically, the most essential needs for the company were to implement a much more in depth information technology system (email, VOIP, data storage, etc) and to use a Point of Sales (POS) system in tandem. The IT system would handle data storage and computer operations, as well as communication for the company. The POS system would track sales, inventory, and trends in the cash flow area of the business. The implementation of these business tools would call on different aspects of information technology to play various roles during the process. Those aspects of information technology are systems analysis and design, databases, programming, networking, and the web.

Systems Analysis and Design

In order to prepare Kudler Fine Foods for the future and to generate more capital in the present, the company must implement a systems analysis and design process to its new IT plans. Systems analysis and design involves determining a problem or potential problem, then creating a plan to solve whatever that problem is or whatever obstacles may arise in the process of reaching a solution (, 201). This crucial part of information technology is not something that has a beginning and an end. It is part of the system development cycle, which never really ends. There are several steps in this life cycle. Those steps are project planning, systems analysis, requirements definition, systems design, implementation, integration and testing, acceptance, installation, and deployment, and maintenance (, 2002). In the case of Kudler Foods, the systems analysis and design would be pretty straightforward and simple. There are not many employees at Kudler, so there will not be an outrageous amount of users accessing the system. Managers and up should have access to email. The email server could simply be one computer that is hooked up to the network that has the email server software installed on it. The databases could be used to store customer information, names, addresses, vendor information and financial information. All essential files would be located on a separate server which would also manage personnel accounts via Active Directory. Implementing the system analysis and design phase into the information technology realm of Kudler Fine Foods would serve to add increased organization and availability of information to its users.

The implementation of the system analysis and design would not hold much value with the POS system. The only aspect of the POS system that might access the system would be the customer & sales data and sending information back and forth to the database. The system would work independently from the actual system and not be reliant on it for anything that is essential for it to run



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