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Systems Evaluation

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System Evaluation Paper

Pedro A Viorato


August 8, 2012

Gregory Peterson

System Evaluation Paper

The growth of technology information system has increased over the past few years. In our society today the use of effective technology information system and the use of software have become necessary for an organization to function properly. The use of information technologies allows an organization to have more productivity, capital gains, and a better chance to have everything within their company run smooth without any problems. The dynamic society we live in today and the technologically advanced pushes organizations to work and operate their organization with more updated and information technology system. The use of more advanced information systems will allow corporations such as Wal-Mart the ability to effectively process data, use, store information, and manage the company's daily operations easily.

Basic uses of the system

In an organization like Wal-Mart a Point-of-sale (POS) system is extremely important in keeping the business running. The Point-of-sale uses a combination of software, hardware, operating systems, computers, and people. All these components are necessary in order for the company to manage and run the organization daily. The basic uses that Wal-Mart uses the Point-of-sale is to be able to manage inventory, productivity, ordering, schedules, sales, trend in the sales, and keeping track of all products in the store. Although most of the Point-of-sale systems look different, their composition stays the same (Retail Care, 2012). Other functions that the point-of-sale system provides a retail store such as Wal-Mart is the processing of transactions. It also allows for the collection of raw data about the transaction being made.

The Point-of-sale, which is also known as the Point-of-service is a term that is applicable to any retail place or store. The type of environment where transactions occur with the help of checkout, and cashier counters in a retail store. In today's society Point-of-sale systems are now used in many organizations, such as restaurants, salons, hotels, retail stores, casinos, and stadiums. The basic use for these systems is that anything can be exchanged for any monetary value with the use of such systems. The point of sale system is like the modern day cash register which is based on a computer system and software.

How it helped Wal-Mart Organization

The Point-of-sale not only made a big difference in the Wal-Mart retail store but it also brought advancement to many other places that utilized any type of



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