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Evaluation of the New Health Medical Systems Staffing Strategy

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Essay Preview: Evaluation of the New Health Medical Systems Staffing Strategy

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New Health Medical Systems Memo

Steven Martínez

HRM/548 Recruitment and Retention Practices

July 11, 2016

Dra. Christella Navedo-Galindez

TO: The Board of Directors

FROM: Steven Martinez, HR Consultant

DATE: July 11, 2016

SUBJECT: Evaluation of the New Health Medical Systems staffing strategy

A staffing system is essential in order to guide acquisitions, deployment and to be able to retain the organization workforce. Therefore, a new medical health systems should elect and determine on essential methods to be able to achieve the goals efficiently. Each purpose must be established, and concerning the new health care system, with the ultimate strategic goal of the hospital to develop a regional health department for patients requiring critical care. Positions that require more attention are the technical area, since the lack of qualified professionals in the immediate vicinity. According to the currently recommended by the company alternative is to: launch ads in local newspapers, agencies personal contact that specialize in placing technicians in health centers, structure a job fair and encourage local talent and provide a signing bonus of $ 1,000 to anyone who joins the company and works for a period of 6 months. That's why the purpose of this memo is to assess the following questions: To what extent personnel strategy are aligned with the new strategic direction of the company? What changes or additional recommendations to propose a strategy for staff to meet the goals of the organization?

First, you have to assess the requirements of the missing vacancies to fill. The company should have knowledge of work requirements, descriptions, responsibilities, benefits and salary job. The publication of vacancies through different media is useful but not necessary to cover the missing positions. The location of the place is the factor preventing to attract qualified candidates. For the publication to be useful must extend their advertising to reach other states. Another alternative would be to evaluate internal operations and cross-training and transfer some trained employees to take some of the vacancies.

Job fairs would be an unnecessary method as person candidates that are interested in the positions will go through ads and attend the fair. Moreover, it would not be an effective method to offer qualified candidates a $ 1,000 signing bonus for a period of 6 months. Any employee could resign after six months and would be a severe loss for the company. The company must be perceived as an employer of retention. Instead, the company should offer an attractive salary, substantial benefits, secure environment, and opportunities for professional growth. This shows the attraction of potential candidates. Thus, the objective would be aligned to the needs and goals of staff of the company with its strategic direction, so the right employees would occupy the posts of technicians available and cover open positions thus gradually producing meaning through the participation of agencies employment. All of the suggestions that I included will lead New Health Medical Systems to achieve its goals.



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