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Teaching Experience

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For 7 years teaching in Viet Nam I had experiences in teaching strategies such as developing lesson plans, comparing and choosing the best teaching styles, using classroom management techniques, the organization classroom activities, the creative and the patient. The most important is known how much the student will receive information from my lecture. This thing makes the evaluation for either a teacher is successful or not. So a lively lecture will attract more students than an abstract one. It meant I had to spend more time to ready for the lesson plans. Depend on what grade teaching I made the lesson outline logically, clearly and easy understanding for students' levels that included as much as examples or pictures as well to connect to real life in order to attract them. I also used focusing technique in my class. It means I will demand their attention before I begin my lesson. I never attempt to teach if everyone has not settled down. I experienced that silence on their part is very effective. Sometimes I also used name-dropping technique that simply drops the student's name into my dialog in a natural way in order to make him draw back on task. For the activities in classroom I made the volunteer for doing and answering my questions. I believed that good for all students can calm down to learn new information from my lesson.

I had challenges in my first year teaching. Some students had behavioral problems and some students did not done their tasks or refused to work in class. At the beginning I lose all my hopes but as my will pushed me up, I tried to find a special way to teach these students. For the students who had behavioral problems, I was to be smart, patient, calm, close to them and make friendly to advice them. I also made the association between school and their parents to find out the best way to educate these students. Little by little they felt themselves they got mistakes, and they wanted to be better. For the students did not done their tasks, I closed to them to find out the causes, give them some extra time if they had trouble in understanding. I spent more time to explain what they did not clear in the lessons.



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