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Teaching Plan - Human Resource Management in China (mm4121)

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Essay Preview: Teaching Plan - Human Resource Management in China (mm4121)

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Department of Management and Marketing

Teaching Plan - Human Resource Management in China (MM4121)

Jan. 2012


On completion of this subject, students will:

* Be able to explain and analyse the characteristics of the Chinese workforce;

* Be able to identify and evaluate the prevailing HRM policies and practices in various kinds of enterprises in the Chinese Mainland;

* Be able to apply the learned HRM principles and make sound recommendations on key people management decisions in foreign-invested enterprises in China.

Lecture plan

Date Topics

1 13/1 Introduction to HRM in China; Overview of the Contextual Forces

2 20/1 Labour Laws in China

3 3/2 Employment Contract; Recruitment of Employees in China

4 10/2 Selection of Employees; Employing Expatriates

5 17/2

Remuneration: Pay, Benefits and Social Insurances

6 24/2

7 2/3 Employee Performance and Work Motivation

8 9/3 Mid-term test /

9 16/3 Characteristics of Chinese Employees

10 23/3 Training and Development and Localization

11 30/3 Labour Unions and Related Legislation in China

Workplace Conflict & Labour Disputes in China

12 13/4 Future challenges of HRM in China


13 --- Additional lecture if necessary

Subject Lecturer: Andy W. Chan (Dr.)

(Room M939; Tel. no. 27667395; E-mail: )

Tutor: Sunny Yung

(Room M910; Tel. no. 34003649; E-mail: )


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