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Team B Week Three Assignment

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Team B Week Three Assignment

* Is the source reliable? How do you know?

 During the team collaboration it was agreed upon that in order for a source to be reliable the source should be from an accredited web site. There are numerous sites that have accredited information. The Library of Congress, university libraries, and online web sites ending in .edu, .gov, or .mil seem to be the more accredited sites. Other sites that were reviewed seemed to be opinionated as well as no referenced, thus leading to the possibility of untrue information. Another key concept that is reviewed with researching information was the time frame in which it was published. A particular topic could have been factual in the 1980's, however; with time and further research that particular topic may no longer hold truth anymore.

* Is the information relevant to the topic?

 When researching a particular topic, it can be difficult to stay on track with the ideal at hand due to all the research out there. One thing you have to ask yourself when researching a topic and deciding if a topic is relevant or not is how will this help, support, or improve the main topic. If the information doesn't help, support, or improve your main topic it is probably irrelevant and needs to be left out.

* Does the information reflect a bias on the author's part? If so, what is the bias?

When an author is writing about a topic he/she tends to be bias in order to persuade the reader to understand his/her point of view. Almost all author's use this technique when writing a story or paper in order for them to attract the attention of the reader's.



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