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Human Resource Management Week 1 Assignment

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Essay Preview: Human Resource Management Week 1 Assignment

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1. It is important for Human Resources to be a strategic partner in business because, Human Resources helps businesses to focus on recruiting new, and experienced people to fill open positions within the business along with many other areas that assist in the growth of business. Human Resources also assist in training employees to do their job or update their current work skills so that the business can compete in the changing business world. Human Resources will also assist management in maintaining their current employees by offering incentives, and other benefits to keep employees to stay at the company, and not take their skills that they have gained to another business so that business can profit. Human Resources help to bridge the gap between upper management, staff, and co-workers when issues arise between management, and staff. The Human Resource Department works also as the mediator that helps to resolve conflict between employees so that everyone can work together towards one common goal, which in turn will allow a business to profit. Having a Human Resource Department can also help a business to save costs, because most human resource managers wear many hats for example, a Human Resource Manager can handle compliance issues, employee benefits, staffing, and assist in the training and development of employees, which would then allow a company to employee a Human Resource Manager, and a Human Resource Assistant (Generalist). Without a Human Resource Department a business would not have the ability to gain and maintain good experienced employees, recruit talented employees, offer conflict resolution when problems arise between employees.

2. The active Human Resource Professionals can understand today's workers, whose needs, and expectations range from Generation X to the baby boomers. The HR professional can find ways to balance work and family issues, making both the company and its employees successful. HR also acts as the bridge between the employee and management, Human Resources can assist employees with any internal work related issues that can arise between management and the employee to help everyone reach the best outcome for everyone involved. Technology has created endless possibilities for how and where work can be done, creating new issues for HR to resolve. Those include setting compensation for work produced at home and transmitted over the Internet and instilling organizational loyalty and culture when employees are in virtual workplaces and highly sought after by competitors." (Metzler, 1998)

Employees would be able to manage their own files and correct any mistaken information quickly and use the Human Resource system and have less time waiting for chance to see and Human Resource Representative. HR would then focus more on training and educating their employees on new techniques or training them to use technology, machines or programs to be



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