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Team Dynamic: Individual Roles

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Team Dynamics: Individual Roles

As a member if a team in any situation you must maintain a professional attitude to achieve as a team. It is important to have respect for everyone in the team so that a relationship with different personalities can be developed. Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and divide the assignment according to each member's strengths. It is said by Dr. David Marriot "Nobody's Perfect - But A Team Can Be" "(1)". To fully understand the role of an individual in a team you must first understand the importance of your personal role, actions, and leadership. Only if everyone in a team cooperates will you have a successful outcome.

In everyone's life they come across a situation where they have to work with other people they do not know. It is important to understand your role when you encounter this situation. Respect towards your colleagues helps to develop trust. Once everyone begins to trust one another then they will be able to work more efficiently as a team. Another aspect in an individual's role is communication. Everyone in a group wants to be listened to "(3)". A lack of communication leads to disaster. No one will know what to do at the dead line of the assignment, and it will show in the end. If an individual in a team does not understand completely about their responsibilities, then it would not be satisfactory for the team. It is important to acknowledge all given to play efficient your role in a team.

Even as a team, everyone must understand their personal responsibilities. The actions taken by a person plays a major role in group activities. Effective teamwork starts with understanding ourselves and ways we are different from others "(2)". When given an assignment, an individual must take action and complete the work given to the teams requirements. After the individual submits the work to the group, the group must review and compromise to have middle ground. If there are disagreements then it must be handled appropriately and professionally. A sacrifice of emotions must be a rule in order for everyone to work well together. There must be responsibility in both work ethic and emotional stress.

Leadership is important in a team because even though there is a group of individuals involved, someone must break the ice when everyone is still new to each other. In the beginning of an assignment everyone is a stranger, therefore there is a sense of distance. We as human beings are naturally shy towards one another in present society. In this case there is no trust between the team members. As an individual in a team there has to be someone to take charge and give a neutral opinion. One that does not affect anyone emotionally. Once that opinion is submitted to the team, then everyone feels more comfortable and will begin to add their personal opinions. This is a prime example of



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